Our Policies

We consign children's clothing, shoes & accessories, as well as women's and maternity wear, for 30% in cash, or 50%** in trade/store credit of the value for which we think we can sell them. Our current consignment days are Wednesday through Saturday, until 45 minutes before closing, or until we reach capacity. Please call ahead to make sure the buyer is in and/or is accepting items that day. If you don't reach a real person, our outgoing message will indicate whether our buyer is not available or not accepting items. The contract period for children's clothing and shoes is 90 days, at the end of which time any unsold items will be automatically donated. No exceptions.

Women's clothing and maternity wear are sold on consignment under a 60-day contract period. Please call ahead to make sure we are accepting items on the day you wish to come in. If you arrive when the buyer is not available, and you wish to drop off your items, you may do so but will be required to sign a contract with the items you are dropping off and agree to return within 48 hours to pick up what we don't take, or have whatever items are not accepted for consignment donated. No exceptions. We simply do not have the storage capacity to hold onto items left behind. We appreciate your consideration and understanding.

If you wish to save time (and paper - we are a green business after all!) you may print out your contract in advance, fill out your information and bring it with you when you come in to consign for the first time. If you have already consigned with us, you only need to fill the contract out one time.*

Items should be recently washed or cleaned, free of stains, holes or tears, pet hair or any missing buttons or parts. Please do not bring in bags of items that have been stored for a month or more without washing or cleaning first.

For children's clothing and shoes, we ask that you limit your items to 2 regular shopping bags - no plastic please - per visit, so that all our customers may have the opportunity to consign. If a customer has more than two bags of clothing to consign, they may be required to drop off their items so as to not make them wait for the buyer, as larger quantities of clothing may take considerably longer to look at. In that case, we will notify the consignor when we have finished going thru their items. Please read our drop off policies below. For women's and/or maternity, please limit items to 20 per visit.

Other conditions to consider when consigning:
  • Terms of the contract are subject to change without notice.

  • Store credit is good for one year dating from selling transaction date.

  • Store credit may not be used toward sales tax.

  • Consignment days and times are subject to change without notice.

    GROVE STREET kids is accepting a limited amount of Winter. Sweaters, pants and bottoms. Long-sleeved shirts and tops, etc. Some jackets and outerwear, Limited sizes of ski wear thru the end of January. 

What We Need Right Now
  • maternity clothing clothing all sizes, boutique brands; seasonal
  • boys' bottoms! in particular "soft pants" all sizes, especially 8-10
  • girls' clothing 1 to 3 years
  • girls' tops and sweaters, size 7 and 8
  • boys clothing 1 to 7 years
  • shoes and rainboots 12/13
What We Do Not Need Right Now
  • women's clothing
  • girls' clothing sizes 4-6,  10 and up
  • boys' shirts size 8 and up 
  • baby gear (we no longer accept at all)
  • infant clothing sizes 0-12 mos., however we will gladly accept your donations for Loved Twice

Drop-Off Policy

If our consignment days/times are not convenient for you, you may drop off your items at any time during our regular business hours, as long as we are not full to capacity. Items NOT taken for resale will be DONATED if not picked up within 48 hours or the close of 2 business days, whichever comes earlier, as we simply do not have the space to store the items for a longer period. If this time frame is not convenient for you, please make other arrangements at the time of drop off. In addition, if you are a new consignor, a contract must be signed at the time of drop off.

Please call ahead to make sure the buyer is in. Our outgoing message will indicate if the buyer is not available. Vacations, illnesses and/or emergencies occasionally happen, and not always when we plan them! Some days we become full earlier and cannot always accept drop-offs or take in more. We consign on a first-come, first-served basis, and reserve the right to end consigning hours earlier should our storage capacity become full at an earlier point in the the day.




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